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CallMax SMS: Maximum Quality and Convenience In Speedflow,

Provide of all voip soft switch information
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Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:31 am

CallMax SMS: Maximum Quality and Convenience

In Speedflow, products and solutions constantly undergo development and improvements. As such our products evolve and are ready to meet the needs of a larger audience. This is exactly the case with our recent CallMax expansion, dedicated to help mobile operators with their SMS needs.

CallMax Bulk SMS can handle both personal and business needs. Perfect for a variety of marketing campaigns, you will find this module an indispensable part of your product offerings. Looking at the most distinct features of the module we can also find:

- convenient web interface
- compatibility with third-party softphones and apps
- MCC/MNC codes support

Find out more about the module on http://speedflow.com/en/callmax/retail-sms or contact us directly at software@speedflow.com

Also we provide Direct SMS routes: Bahrain, Brazil, Jordan, Mexico, UAE
Please contac nap@speedflow.com with your targets

For full List of destinations please contact us directly – purchase@speedflow.com

Also we are looking for providers who can provide A-Z with CLI, DTMF and FAX guaranteed.

Contact our Purchase department - purchase@speedflow.com to discuss opportunities between our companies!


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