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Enjoy the MediaCore Carrier SMS Solution at Unbeatable Price

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Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:30 am

Enjoy the MediaCore Carrier SMS Solution at Unbeatable Price

At Speedflow we value flexibility, therefore, we are always prepared to adapt to different client requests and customizations. Our latest surprise in this direction is the ability to maximize cost savings while using our MediaCore Carrier SMS platform. For the next month we introduce a special SMS plan with an advanced payment option!

Up until May 10th you can purchase a package that can easily handle up to 25 million SMS messages per month. The standard $5000 for such a package can be broken down into 5 months and you will only be due $1000 each month. A wonderful opportunity to cut your costs so you can focus on your business development.

Visit http://speedflow.com/sms-landingpage/ or contact us on software@speedflow.com and try the MediaCore SMS Solution today!

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