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A complete All-In-One solution from VoipSwitch!

Provide of all voip soft switch information
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VoipSwitch is offering you a great opportunity to start your own VoIP service:

- Class 5 Softswitch
- Integrated billing
- Callback module
- Calling cards module
- Resellers module
- Call shop module
- Online payment module
- RCS dialers (iOS, Android and PC)

The package enables you to offer wholesale and a variety of retail services. Additionally the package allows you to have all those services distributed as well by your resellers (using our Resellers module).

On top of that we're offering our branded Hosted RCS dialers for mobile and desktop operating systems, which support advanced features like Enhanced address book, Multimedia files transfer, Geolocation, In-app payments and many more features supported by popular apps like Viber, WhatsApp and Skype.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Visit our website to learn more - http://www.voipswitch.com
or contact our sales engineer to schedule a demo session - sales@voipswitch.com

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