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!!! Desh Networks Released Secure vos3000 v2.1.2.4 !!!

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Sat May 06, 2017 9:24 am

Dear Valued Provider,

Recently big hacking issues are going on which causing big losses where making profit is so hard.
So we are avoiding VOS3000 V1.5 AND V2.0 and only offering V2.4 to our customers.
Also we provide security system with secure.cgi system and other custom securities.
With others securities, we have recently added mail notification system to our anti hacking security system which only comes with our Hosted VOS3000.
Any modification and changes on vos, we notify by mail.

Login to vos manager by any user like admin, added new account, mapping gateway changes, ip add or ip change to mapping gateway, payment add, overdraft changes, etc all major functions will be notified you by mail.


From: Gateway Notification <admin@notificationzone.com>
Date: Thu, May 26, 2016, 23:54
Subject: [ 173.82.98.xy ] - Notification : New mapping gateway "V" added
To: <noc@deshnetworks.com>

Dear Client,

New mapping gateway V added on your customer account V, Server IP : 173.82.98.xy
Currently allowed IP's -
If you didn't make this changed, please login to your vos3000 and review mapping gateway information.

-: This is a system generated message at 2016-05-26 23:48:17, please do not reply on this email. :-


To get in details, please contact at ::::::

Skype : abdullah.deshnet
G-talk : abdullah.deshnet@gmail.com
Email : abdullah@deshnetworks.com
Cell : +880-1730017359

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