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Wanted Reseller for ||Mobile Dialer||Pc2Phone||Device2Phone|

Post your own voip reseller system add and all detialls
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Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:19 am

We are looking for Resellers in:

Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar

We offer complete A-Z along with our retail platform solution:

These routes are ONLY available with our retail Platform along with premium white A-Z CLI routes.

• Free VoIP Tunnel (VPN)
• Real Time Online Billing and CDRs for your customers
• You can set your own Rates, and determine your own Profit
• No Large Deposit or commitment required (pay as you go)

If you have any query, Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned for Free Test Pin to check quality & service.

Fonebooth Marketing Team
Email: sales@fonebooth.hk
Web: http://www.fonebooth.hk

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