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BEIJING [url=http://www.eccoshoesaustraliaonline.com ... -blue.html]ECCO Dynamic Moc 2.0 Penny Denim Blue Australia[/url] , Nov. 2 (Xinhua) -- The Communist Party of China (CPC) will launch a major campaign on the study, promotion and implementation of the "spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress."

The campaign will be the prime political task for the Party and for the country, according to a decision of the CPC Central Committee released Thursday.

The document summarized the essence of congress and made detailed requirements for Party members and organizations during the campaign.

The Central Committee requires full training for Party members, as well as courses specifically for Party officials.

Textbooks will also be compiled [url=http://www.eccoshoesaustraliaonline.com ... nline.html]ECCO Classic Moc 2.0 Loafer Mink Australia[/url] , said the document, dated Wednesday.

A series of publicity projects targeting non-Party members, netizens and overseas audience will help them understand the spirit of the Party congress. The use of new media and online video streaming services were highlighted.

The campaign should be integrated with efforts to improve the Party's leadership and self-governance, as well as the ongoing reform and development [url=http://www.eccoshoesaustraliaonline.com ... black.html]ECCO Mens Soft 7 Slip On Black Australia[/url] , said the decision.

HOUSTON, Oct. 19 (Xinhua) -- The University of Houston, Texas said on Thursday that it has launched a new Institute for Data Science.

The university said in a news release that Andrea Prosperetti, a member of the National Academy of Engineering and was recruited to the university in 2016 [url=http://www.eccoshoesaustraliaonline.com ... -sale.html]ECCO Mens Soft 7 High Top Boots Black Australia[/url] , is the head of the institute.

"Houston is a natural location for a focus on data science, with its strengths in energy and health care and its substantial technology and software industries," said Prosperetti, who is named Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering and serves as director of the Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems of the university.

Paula Myrick Short [url=http://www.eccoshoesaustraliaonline.com ... black.html]ECCO Track 6 Gtx Plain Toe Lo Black Australia[/url] , senior vice president for academic affairs and provost, said planning began about 18 months ago and intensified after Prosperetti was selected to lead the venture.

"The whole world is evolving around predictive analytics," Short said. "We have to respond to that. We have just skimmed the surface of what is possible for the economy, for education."

The Institute's initial work will span four areas of application: cyber and physical security [url=http://www.eccoshoesaustraliaonline.com ... offee.html]ECCO Track 6 Gtx Moc Toe Hi Boots Cocoa Brown Coffee Australia[/url] , drug development and discovery, sustainable communities and infrastructure, and accessible and personalized healthcare.

ROME, June 19 (Xinhua) -- China is willing to raise the comprehensive strategic partnership with Italy to a higher level, senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Guo Jinlong said during his visit to Italy heading a CPC delegation.

Guo, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, met Italian Senate President Pietro Grasso, President of Italian ruling Democratic Party (PD) Matteo Orfini, Italian Minister for the Environment, Land and Sea Gian Luca Galletti and other local top authorities.

Guo said that since the establishment of diplomatic ties, Sino-Italian relations have developed smoothly.

In recent years there have been frequent high-level exchanges that have increasingly strengthened bilateral cooperation in trade, science and technology, culture and many other fields, he added.

Guo highlighted that China attaches great importance to Sino-Italian relations, and is willing to work together with Italy to consolidate mutual trust, promote pragmatic cooperation, and deepen bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership.

Guo also spoke highly of the friendly relations between CPC and PD. He wished the two parties will maintain high-level dialogue, enhance the exchange of experience in managing state affairs, and play a positive role for the development of both Sino-Italian and Sino-European relations.

Grasso stressed that Italy also attaches great importance to developing relations with China, and is willing to further cultivate exchanges and collaboration in a variety of fields from economy and trade to culture and sports.

Orfini said that PD on its side treasures the inter-party exchanges with the CPC, and has a desire to further reinforce dialogue at all levels, and promote exchanges and cooperation in several sectors with China.

During the four-day visit on June 16-19, Guo chaired the signing ceremony of trade, environmental protection and other cooperation agreements between Chinese capital city Beijing and Italian institutions, and also visited the City of Science, a science education initiative in Naples, a city in southern Italy. Enditem

MANILA, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- The foreign minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) [url=http://www.eccoshoesaustraliaonline.com ... nless.html]ECCO Jeremy Hybrid Tie Black Moonless Australia[/url] , Ri Hong-Yo, said on Monday that his country has no intention to use nuclear weapons against any other country except the United States.

Ri, in Manila to attend the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), said DPRK "is a responsible nuclear power and ICBM state [url=http://www.eccoshoesaustraliaonline.com ... anium.html]ECCO Jeremy Brogue Tie Titanium Australia[/url] ," referring to the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

"We have no intention to use nuclear weapons or threaten with nuclear weapons against any other country except the U.S., unless it joins action of the U.S. against DPRK," Ri said in a statement to the ARF.

Ri lambasted the U.S. for "trying to internationalize the issue of Korean Peninsula by abusing the United Nations" by claiming that DPRK's possession of nuclear weapons is a "global threat."

He also said that the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula was created and developed into the present phase today by the United States.

Research vessel "Kexue" leaves Shenzhen for scientific expedition

Tourists enjoy scenery of Diaoshuilou Waterfall in NE China

Farmers busy with farm work across China

Old castle attracts tourists in China's Shanxi

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