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FIVE stores with artificial intelligence machines instead of human cashiers and check-out lines will open in a beta test in Shanghai next month as part of the AI revolution transforming China’s retail industry.

The Take Go stores will be the Chinese version of the partially automated Amazon Go and will be opened in shopping centers and near tourist attractions.

DeepBlue Technology [url=http://www.mlbrangersteamshop.com/authe ... rs-jersey/]Yu Darvish Jersey[/url] , the owner of the Take Go brand, will be the first to launch a system without cashiers in Shanghai, with wireless payment, fingerprint and facial recognition [url=http://www.mlbrangersteamshop.com/authe ... rs-jersey/]Will Middlebrooks Jersey[/url] , and product recommendations.

The system, supported by Ailbaba’s services and Nvidia’s AI, is at the forefront of smart retailing, integrating online and offline networks and the latest technologies.

Beverage giant Wahaha also reportedly plans to soon open 100 [url=http://www.mlbrangersteamshop.com/authe ... rs-jersey/]Tyson Ross Jersey[/url] ,000 shops with no human staff in China.

CANBERRA, March 17 (Xinhua) -- Stringent data retention laws are expected to be passed by the Australian parliament on Wednesday after the addition of a hurdle to protect journalists.

The government wants to force telecommunications companies to hold metadata on all customers' Internet and phone activities for a minimum of two years.

The opposition agreed to support the laws after debating the merits of the bill in a Tuesday caucus meeting.

Labor MP Ed Husic questioned how crucial metadata would be in terrorism investigations given the rise of attacks such as the Sydney siege where potential terrorists are not necessarily communicating with each other.

A supporter of the bill reminded their fellow Labor Party MPs that the brutal murder of Irish woman Jill Meagher, who was killed walking home from a Melbourne bar in 2012, was only solved with the help of phone records.

Up to 20 government agencies will be authorized to access the data without a warrant [url=http://www.mlbrangersteamshop.com/authe ... rs-jersey/]Shin-Soo Choo Jersey[/url] , unless the person in question is a journalist when a court will be required to approve access.

It came after Australian journalists raised concerns about protecting the identity of anonymous sources.

To excel at any sport, one must undergo the ideal training for it. An aspiring player can either opt for individual training with equipment that can be purchased from any of the cricket shop or even by using the online cricket store equipment. Alternatively, one can opt to train under a skilled coach. As compared to independent training, training under coaching will allow you to understand the rules of the game while training to your optimum strength through the cricket equipment. Many professional and successful cricket players have undergone regular training by trained professional coaches. There are certain things you must remember when it comes to this coaching [url=http://www.mlbrangersteamshop.com/authe ... rs-jersey/]Russell Wilson Jersey[/url] , which are given below.

Understand and commit to the rules

Cricket has its own set of rules. You must learn to play by them right from the beginning itself. A wrong technique will lead to confusion and loss of game. You will learn certain skills and techniques with certain cricket equipment like the cricket ball and bat. Although you will be using the cricket training equipment, you will learn to use the professional equipment later on once you are well adjusted with your training skills. Even professional junior cricket training will enable you to learn the game with the right techniques and rules from the very beginning. You can choose the right cricket equipment in UK which you can train for. Over the years, you can upgrade to the professional cricket balls or bats when you are ready.

Understand and work with the coach

A good cricket coach will encourage you to push your limits. He will ensure that you are determined to give in your all, even when you feel like quitting at some point in time. Support and encouragement are vital for a successful career in this game. Understand the technique behind the cricket equipment like the cricket bats and cricket balls he is teaching you. Ensure that during your cricket training you only focus on your game without any distractions. You must understand [url=http://www.mlbrangersteamshop.com/authe ... rs-jersey/]Prince Fielder Jersey[/url] , that each devoted coach will be strict to the point of extremely dislike, but this is only to ensure you are successful.

Get the right equipment

No individual can compete without the right equipment like the right size cricket bat or even the right ball. You can get several of this cricket equipment in UK, through the physical or online cricket shop. While there are many choices of cricket shop available to you, it is crucial that you purchase from the right one. The online cricket store equipment will provide you with a variety of choices when it comes to brand and quality. It will also provide you with great discounts.

You can only excel in this field with a combination of excellent coaching and the right cricket equipment in UK. You can easily join the local sports club and train under a reputed coach to excel in the sport. When it comes to the online cricket store equipment [url=http://www.mlbrangersteamshop.com/authe ... rs-jersey/]Nomar Mazara Jersey[/url] , you must conduct the ideal research to get the equipment you want.

AUTOMAKER BYD Co. expects China’s shift to cleaner new-energy vehicles (NEV) to be complete in just over a decade, an ambitious time frame that would challenge traditional carmakers in the world’s top auto market.

All vehicles in the country will be “electrified” by 2030, which could range from full electric cars to mild hybrids, BYD chairman Wang Chuanfu has said. BYD [url=http://www.mlbrangersteamshop.com/authe ... rs-jersey/]Neftali Feliz Jersey[/url] , backed by Warren Buffett, has already invested heavily in the NEV market.

Carmakers around the world are grappling with government plans to shift away from petrol engine cars to newer, less polluting technologies — a trend that is creating one of the most seismic shifts the automotive industry has ever gone through.

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