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Leaking pipes and clogged drains needing drain pipe repair are nightmares any person wouldn’t dream about having. But these drain pipe repair problems are inevitable in any household.

Though there are a couple of tasks in the household that can be classified under the do-it-yourself category [url=http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Pant ... ll-Jersey/]Black Daeshon Hall Jersey[/url] , drain pipe repair and plumbing issues should not be included under this. It is tempting to do the drain pipe repair yourself instead of having a plumber fix it for you. But this move may prove more to be a trouble than a relief.

Plumbing is a field of expertise concerned with the system of pipes and drains, the fixtures in the house and how this equipment is to be utilized in a home. This field also uses specialized tools that require specific training and experience before using. So if you do not have special knowledge and professional training within this field, it would be better to leave the plumbing repair to the experts.

These repairs also require knowledge on the specific tools to be used to replace the pipes or drains with a problem. Example, kitchen drains and bathroom drains are different [url=http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Pant ... on-Jersey/]Black Taylor Moton Jersey[/url] , the size and the type of pipe differ for each, and a professional plumber might well have an idea of what type of pipe or what size to be used for the problem area.

Professional plumbers also have familiarity with the proper types of materials appropriately used for these situations. They have up to date knowledge on what types of materials are durable; this expertise is acquired from experience.

Another risk if homeowners do the drain pipe repair themselves is they might incorrectly diagnose the drain pipe situation. It is important to leave this task to professional plumbers so the plumber can make correct assessments on the situation. If you try to do it yourself you can come up with the wrong assessment.

There is a possibility you might underestimate the situation and decide to repair it yourself, and at the middle of the process you see the extent of the plumbing problem and realize it is something you can’t handle. It is a definite waste of time and effort. On the other hand, if you call an expert and have him take a look at the situation [url=http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Pant ... el-Jersey/]Black Curtis Samuel Jersey[/url] , then all this possible mishaps can be prevented.

Leave the situational assessment to the professional plumbers as they have the sufficient skill to do so. They are the ones who should come up with the conclusion of how simple or extensive the plumbing problem is and what how to deal with these problems. This will save you from wasting your time and effort and will also prevent you from adding further damages to your drain pipes when approaching drain pipe repair.

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by Maria Spiliopoulou

ATHENS [url=http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Pant ... ey-Jersey/]Black Christian McCaffrey Jersey[/url] , Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- Greek Minister of Justice Nikos Paraskevopoulos and Public Order Minister Nikos Toskas filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against whoever is responsible for the leaks of classified documents in the so-called "Panoussis gate" that has caused a political storm in Athens this week.

Yannis Panoussis, a criminology professor who served as Public Order minister in the first Radical Left SYRIZA government from January to August this year, visited the same office of the Supreme Court prosecutor on Monday to submit information on his claims that SYRIZA party members who were in contact with imprisoned "terrorists" threatened his life.

In statements to media, Panoussis claimed that party officers who had often visited "terrorists" and criminals in prison targeted him over legislation regarding the treatment of "terrorists" during his term in office.

The former minister has alleged that he was also alerted on the danger by the current head of Greece's National Intelligence Service Yannis Roubatis.

Following his visit to the Supreme Court [url=http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Pant ... ss-Jersey/]Devin Funchess Jersey[/url] , local media cited abstracts of recorded telephone conversations between prison inmates and SYRIZA members that he is said to have submitted to judicial authorities.

According to the material that seems to have been gathered by the National Intelligence Service (EYP), at least one name was on the spotlight. Panos Lambrou, member of SYRIZA's political secretariat and an aide to Paraskevopoulos until August, issued a statement that he indeed held talks with inmates as part of his duties [url=http://www.panthersrookiestore.com/Pant ... on-Jersey/]Shaq Thompson Jersey[/url] , dismissing the allegations as a bid to defame SYRIZA.

The justice minister backed Lambrou playing down Panoussis' claims. Several government ministers have implied that Panoussis caused uproar to publicize an upcoming book he has written, a political- crime thriller.

On Wednesday exiting the Supreme Court prosecutor's office, Paraskevopoulos and Toskas said that they filed the lawsuit because the publication of classified documents raises issues of national security.

Opposition parties represented in parliament called for a thorough investigation into the case, claiming that the lawsuit filed was a bid to silence the former official.

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