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Urgently Need>> LIBYA> >CUBA>> BENIN >> Ncli Route !!!

Buy or sell VoIP software (billing software, application, softswitch, and others). Post your offers or requirements.
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Revoxo Telecom boasts over 500 interconnects around the world, and offers three services plans to provide your business with perfect price and quality combination to meet your needs. Our entire network is built up using carrier garde equipment,switching and hardware from venders such as Cisco and Dialogoc, through cutting edge open-source software to handle switching and application logic. All of our equipment adheres to strict SIP Standars.
We have direct retail traffic for below destinations.


Offer your best rate with stats and capacity.

Rweena Rai
Account Manager
Revoxo Telecom Incs,
240. MacPherson Rd,
Singapore 348574

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