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Instant Live Traffic For >>> Nigeria, Afghan, Kenya, Philippines >>>Ncli Route

Buy or sell VoIP software (billing software, application, softswitch, and others). Post your offers or requirements.
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Alex D One
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Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:14 am

¬Dear Direct Routes Provider,

This is Alex D One From QBERRY LTD. Add me on Skype: live:alex.qberry_1 & send me your offer by mail: sales5@q-berry.com

QBERRY LTD is a VoIP carrier and works as a global hub both in wholesale and retail platform based in United Kingdom. It has the global reputation to deal with A - Z non cli termination. We are looking for some good quality and stable non-cli routes and also dealing with millions of traffic on daily basis as well. Average traffic volume for everyday is 200k.
If you have VOIP direct quality routes please let us know, we have A-Z traffic to send your routes.


Albania , Argentina , Armenia , Botswana , Burkina , Brunei , Belarus , Bolivia , Bahrain
Cambodia , Costa Rica , Croatia , Comoros , Cook , Djibouti , Equatorial , Ethiopia
Guinea , Ivory coast , Finland , Vanuatu , Guatemala , Grenada , Global , Georgia Indonesia , Eritrea , Iridium , Israel , Iraq , Kosovo , Kiribati , Kosovo , Kyrgyzstan
Liberia , Lebanon , Lesotho , Mozambique , Montenegro , Montserrat , Madagascar
Mauritania , New Caledonia , Nauru , Nicaragua , Norfolk island , Niue island , Nepal
Netherlands , Peru , Palestine , Paraguay , Reunion , Saint , Saudi Arabia , Serbia
Somalia , Suriname , Tajikistan , Tokelau , Tokelau , Tonga , Tuvalu all , Turkey
Uruguay , Universal , Seychelles , Sri lanka , Oman fixed , Jordan , Uganda , Namibia Moldova , Libya , Mauritius , North Korea , Qatar all , Tanzania , Monaco all codes .

Afghanistan all codes
Algeria all codes
Australia all codes
Benin all codes
Bermuda all codes
Bosnia all codes
Burundi all codes
Cameroon all codes
Cape all codes
Cayman all codes
Chad all codes
Cuba all codes
Dominican republic
DRC all codes
Ecuador all codes
Egypt all codes
Estonia all codes
Fiji all codes
Gambia all codes
Ghana all codes
Guinea all codes
Guyana all codes
Haiti all codes
Honduras all codes
Iran all codes
Italy all codes
Jamaica all codes
Kazakhstan all code
Kenya all codes
Kuwait all codes
Laos all codes
Macedonia all codes
Mali all codes
Morocco all codes
Niger all codes
Nigeria all codes
Pakistan all codes
Papua new guinea
Philippines all codes
Russia all codes
Samoa all codes
Senegal all codes
Solomon islands
Sudan all codes
Syria all codes
Taiwan all codes
Togo all codes
Trinidad all codes
Tunisia all codes
Ukraine all codes
Vietnam all codes
Yemen all codes
Zambia all codes
Zimbabwe all codes

Note: Please send me your any Direct route list with ASR, ACD capacity and rate information and I will respond ASAP & help you get traffic.
Caution: FAS issue not acceptable .
Payment Options: Bank Payment Transfer & PayPal.
Please share your offer rate if you cover any of these destinations or you can also offer us your any direct route. We have wholesale and retail live traffic for A-Z destination.

Thanks & Regards
Alex D One
Business Development Executive
E-mail: sales5@q-berry.com
Skype: live:alex.qberry_1
21 Buttress Street, Manchester, Lancashire,
United Kingdom, M18 8EG.
Homepage: www.q-berry.com

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