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OrangeVoIP Provide Core4Voip Billing software for realtime v

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Orange VoIP is one of the leading of IP Telecommunication Company which provides fully VoIP and telecom related solutions which compatible with Linux and Windows base. Orange VoIP?s dedicated team experts provide the highest quality service to ensure your VoIP business solution is fast, effective and always available. So far over many switches we have implemented around the world. We have our own unique hacker free VoIP billing which specially designed by our programmer.
OrangeVoIP offer Dedicated server for Voip business , provides many kinds of soft switch and their billing like VoIP Switch , VOS3000 , Nextone , mera , and asterisk and others free switch and Now OrangeVoIP are offer International Voice Termination Services through our POP in Asian Countries. We are directly interconnected with all the major voice and data carriers worldwide including North America and South America for Tier-1 VoIP termination. Our extensive VoIP network spans across more than 185 countries through VoIP Tier-1 Providers.
Why Us: -
Free Technical support
On time delivery
Fast and reliable service
No Grievance

OrangeVoip is an Dedicated Business partner of core4Voip . we are provide all kinds of Core4Voip Products . now core4voip offer many products like Core4voip Billing ( for real time Voip Billing application ) . CoreLive ( for Voip database Backup ). Accountica VL ( for Voip Accounting ) and we are provide free domain name for all core4voip Billing and provide free ssl Certificate for advanced security.

Our all Products package is

Core4VoIP Billing Packages:

Package name : BASIC
Price : $500/one time
Interface : VSC, VSR, VSPortal, CDR, MVSR, MPortal, Smart Booth, Call Shop
Branding : Brand Name & Logo, Brand Color

CoreLive Database Backup and additional

Online Backup: $50 per month
Website : $150 [startup price]
Paypal : $300 one time
Signup Script: $100 one time

For more information

Email: sales@orangevoip.com
Yahoo: orange.voip
Mobile: +8801730445230
Web site: http://www.orangevoip.com