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Compleate Voip and Web based service Provider

If you sell equipment, post your offers on your telephony hardware. If you want to buy equipment, describe what you are looking for, your requirements and desired rate.
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Hello to all voip businessman
A confidential Soft Switch and confidential dedicated server can make a best VoIP business and voip service service provider. But you give a smooth service then you also need 24 hurs technical support. We provide to offer you our stable Soft switch called VoIP Switch (Licensed version) with dedicated Server with dedicated bandwidth and 24 hours technical support for both SoftSwitch and Server.
We have an experienced and extend support team for 24 hour basis. So be a member of let’s grownup your business with reputation and profit. Please check our Package

we are provide an web based service as all web interested clients

Our all service as

Voip Business :-

soft switch (sell and rent)
Dedicated server (rented Service)
Voip Billing Solution
Mobile Dialer sell and rent
Flexi Management for Bangladesh and India (India is upcoming)

Web based Business

Domain Registration
Web site Hosting
Web site Design

We provide 24/7 technical support

For more details please contact:
Mobile: 8801732551090

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