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Ecosmob SBC Solution To Securify VoIP Gateway

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Tue Jun 26, 2018 2:02 pm

FreeSWITCH based Session border controller, as the name suggests, is located at the border of your enterprise network. The purpose for which FreeSWITCH based Session border controller is provided is to control the incoming VoIP calls from other networks and also handle the media packets transported to and from from your network. It simplifies man power utility in your organization by reducing the load on your call handlers.

Key Benefits of the Session border controller:

-Protection from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks
-Topology hiding
-Secured call control and media stream
-Quality of service

FreeSWITCH Session border controller hence, is an economically viable, robust and a reliable solution for your enterprise. It is a solution that becomes associated with your enterprise as a long term partner.

To know more Contact us on Below Details :

Email : sales@ecosmob.com

Call : 1-303-997-3139

or Visit : https://www.freeswitchservice.com/solut ... eswitchsbc

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