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Star force field is suggested to push about 30 stars

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90-100 level playing style. And do not play with when. After this, we'll need to pressure to store. Level up When the degree up, clear the quest to smooth. Start the pressure to maintain the daily. But do not just use the cards. It's recommended that all down pressure since it's a daily mission to unlock. I do not recommend it because the author of the experience of playing the 80 + degree , at the first place. However, in case your buddies play 1-3 hours daily, it is divided into strain. I need to accumulate the daily quest offline.)

Clear the quest. Push the Elite dungeon to get the level that is Epic when amount 95 is down. We have down three occasions, 1 day. The Epic 3 piece (using a card at the bag, do not forget). Input the Trade Station to sell the items we have in the Elite Price settingtry to research what the market price.

Star force field is suggested to push about 30 stars (that our degree is approximately 95+), because it's going to be less exp of cash, but should say that it does not squander HP or MP too much (but convenient). If you want to have a lot of pressure on the stars. The suggestion would be to place pressure on us to center on the opposite party is to opt for the Chanel that people play with a lot. At the time of linking the Auto Team, they could put in the party with a great deal of people.

Tip from all information. Maintain the Elite Elite dungeon down (keep it at par 95+). Because it is also the most sensitive and exp play with the quest before the narrative. Attempt to find a party, while it is quests or a narrative quests, if the narrative is a brother. Friends are arbitrary. Locate the Guild. To get actions and rewards . However, the author emphasizes that there is not any guild that is ordinary. I don't have to prepare a communication line. It is fun to play with. Down of the pressure to keep daily allowances that are free.

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