How to avoid SIM blocking

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How to avoid SIM blocking?

Nowadays, the business of GSM termination is gaining momentum and is developing in many countries. It’s really a lucrative telecommunications project that anyone can start. But as elsewhere, in this business there is the underwater stone. Namely – the blocking of SIM cards.

Unfortunately, in the world there is no solution that can protect your SIM cards from blocking by 100%. And if the software vendor tells you that its product solves the question of a sim-lock by 100% – do not believe it, it’s impossible. Because not only solutions for GSM termination are being developed, but also its opponent – Anti-Fraud system of mobile operators.

If 10 years ago it was enough to insert a SIM card into the modem and it could easily work for about two weeks before blocking, today with the development of technologies, this, of course, is not enough. But there are ways that can extend the life of your SIM cards, thereby increasing the profit from the project of GSM termination. In the later article I will try to describe in detail how gateway can extend the life of SIM cards. That is, that it is the “Human Behavior Simulation” (HBS).If you have interest on it, you can send me an email for communicate .

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